Product Recovery Systems

Small bore industrial piping

Manufacturing costs and waste disposal costs are all steadily rising. In addition, end users are demanding higher and more consistent product quality. All of these factors place pressure on product margin and ability to compete.

Pigging systems recover lost product, eliminate flush waste, minimize the downtime, and result in consistently higher product quality. Pigging systems help companies be more competitive while helping protect the environment.

Process System

Inline has been working with the Process Industry for many years to develop cost effective, reliable pigging systems. A System consists of a Launcher and a Receiver that can be operated manually or fully automated to allow for bidirectional operation without removal of the pig. The pig can even be washed in a patented cleaning chamber.

Manually Operated

An inexpensive system for keeping process piping clean and recovering product. Simply open the "launcher", insert the pig connect air or liquid supply to send it through the line to a "receiver".

Manual system components supplied by Inline:

- Cleaning Pigs
- Quick opening closures
- Launcher/Receiver
- Piggable Bends
- Piggable Tees
- Sensors

Fully Automated

The VIPRS Process Pigging System is a fully automated system used for sanitary applications from the food and beverage industry to the pharmaceutical industry. The patented system allows the VIPRS Pig to be cleaned during the CIP cycle and then remove the CIP solution. This allows the user to keep the system closed and eliminates any breakdown for cleaning. This saves product, time and money.

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