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What is a Product Recovery (Pigging) System?

The most important component is the Pig, which has tight scraping/sealing rings. The Pig is propelled through piping, by water, product, or other gas or liquid and wipes the pipe walls to displace solids or liquids left in the pipe. The patented design ensures virtually no bypass and complete product removal or separation.

The Pig is stored out of the product flow, at either end of the piping run in a chamber and is propelled into and through the pipe by a liquid or gas. A Product Recovery System can form part of a new installation or be retrofitted into an existing installation. In either case the pipe run has to be suitable for the pig to pass smoothly, with no obstructions.

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How much money could you save after ONE YEAR of utilizing a Product Recovery Pigging System?

With so much focus placed on safety and production, it’s no surprise that many companies cannot place an exact dollar figure on waste generated from using antiquated change-over techniques in their facilities.¬† ¬†Inline’s Pigging ROI Calculator below can quickly and easily show you the total cost savings after one year of utilizing a Product Recovery Pigging System.