Inline Services is proud to be the exclusive U.S. distributor of the Apache pigPRO™

The Apache pigPRO series of intrusive pig passage indicators provides accurate and reliable detection of pipeline pigs. Featuring a patented fluid seal design and high quality of Canadian workmanship,  pigPROs™ are depended upon by pipeline operators worldwide. The pigPRO provides a dependable signal of a pig pass using a visual, electrical or combination signal. Not sure which is best for you and your project? Let us know how we can help!


  • Rugged, Tough Design for harsh applications
  • Stainless Steel internal parts saturated with durable corrosion resistant coating
  • rugged units are constructed of stainless steel internal parts impregnated with a durable corrosion resistant coating.
  • Bi-directional activation
  • On-stream installation/removal capability
  • Plunger sensitivity/penetration adjustments.
  • Unique patented fluid seal design does not allow paraffin or other objects to obstruct the operational mechanisms
  • Hemispherical plunger eliminates the need for Operator to align the device
  • Fluorocarbon "O" rings


  • Visual and/or Electrical indication
  • Automatic Reset
  • Explosion Proof available
  • Visual Flag/manual reset
  • Flange Mount - Flange base models are manufactured to mount to existing flanged connections and are available in class 150, 300, 600 or 900 ANSI flanges; Conversion kits are also available which enable installation onto the mountings of other manufacturers
pigPRO™ is a trademark of Apache Pipeline Products and protected by U.S. patent 5263220

Apache pigPRO™ Models:

Apache pigPRO™ Series 67 Apache pigPRO Series 67
  • Detects precise pig location during a run
  • Visual flag indicator with manual reset
  • Customized ball valve allows for safe isolation of indicator for pipeline pressure inspection, maintenance or repair
  • Includes a thread mounting nipple, isolation extended lower housing, fluorocarbon O-Rings, and hemisphereical plunger with flag assembly
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Apache pigPRO™ Series 57
  • Visual flag indicator with manual reset
  • Most popular pigPRO model
  • Includes a thread mounting nipple, standard lower housing with fluorocarbon O-Rings and a hemispherical plunger with a flag assembly
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Apache pigPRO™ Series 55
  • Electrical Indicator with automatic reset
  • Includes a thread mounting nipple, standard lower housing with fluorocarbon O-Rings, hemispherical plunger and weather sealed & explosion proof limit switch. The switch employed on this model is NEMA rated, UL listed and CSA certified to suit most applications