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What is Pig Tracking Equipment?

Pipeline pig tracking equipment allows pipeline operators and maintenance crews to identify the location of pigs as they traverse through the line.   Pig tracking is considered best practice during commissioning of newly constructed lines, or maintenance on a line that is rarely pigged, or never previously pigged.

What Are The Benefits of Using Pig Tracking Equipment?

A pig that has been stuck in a pipeline can cause operational risk to the pipeline.  Tracking equipment allows operators and service personnel to respond quickly to pigs stuck in the line, minimizing the risk of damage.  Using tracking equipment also eliminates wasted time spent trying to locate the pig manually, which results in a dramatic reduction in cost.

Types of Tracking Equipment Available from Inline Services:

In coordination with COMTEL© Systems, Ltd, Inline Services provides state-of-the-art pig tracking equipment that will streamline your pipeline cleaning program.  Our extensive suite of pig tracking equipment includes a variety of Auto Tracking options through our AGMAGM Pipeline Sentinel and AGM Sentinel units, as well as a wide-selection of  TX Transmitter sizes, a RX101 Receiver, and a Geophone.  All Inline tracking equipment is available for rent or purchase.

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Are Pig Passage Indicators Different from Pig Tracking Equipment?

Yes. Pig passage indicators detect when a pig has passed a particular location in a pipeline.  Pig tracking equipment continuously monitors the the location of the pig in the pipeline.

Inline is also the exclusive U.S. Distributor for Apache pigPRO© intrusive pig passage indicators.