Inline’s PIGMITTER transmitter body pig allows for pigging and tracking in pipelines as small as 2″.  The standard PIGMITTER uses the TX-1AA or TX1AAW transmitter as the pig body.  Mounting flanges are used to customize with any combination of cups and discs.  Accessories can be replaced and reconfigured, as needed, in the field using a few basic tools.

Other TX transmitter models may be used if longer battery life is needed, or if there are no bend issues in the line.

The pig requires an electromagnetic antenna, such as our RX-101 Receiver, for tracking in the line.


  • Sizes 2.5″ & 2.95″
  • Uses TX Transmitter for Body
  • May be customized with cups and discs

  • Depending on battery life requirement and line bends, may use other TX Transmitter models for body
  • May use any combination of discs or cups