Maintaining a routine pipeline pigging program will keep a pipeline in good condition, sustain optimal flow, reduce potential damage to the processing facility and avoid eventual failures.

Developing A Pipeline Pigging Program Through Data Analysis

Routine Pipeline Pigging Maintenance

By performing a Pipeline Integrity Assessment, Inline Services can gather intelligence about the internal condition of the pipeline to determine the most efficient maintenance programs for the application. Using our proprietary technology, the assessment process will collect information such as:

  • Temperature
  • Pressure Differential over a pig
  • Pig Speed
  • Pig Location and location of intrusions and debris
  • Inertia of pig
  • Location and depth of damage, wall thickness variation etc

The data collected will determine the type of pipeline pig or pigs needed, the order and frequency the pipeline pigs should be run through the pipeline and if chemical cleaning is needed in conjunction with the pigging program to keep the pipe in good condition. By analyzing the condition of the pigs and maintaining a complete record of runs, an informed approach can be taken to specifying
future programs.

Routine Pipeline Pigging Maintenance

From supplying pigs to managing the pigging programs, the pipeline pigging experts at Inline Services can tailor a complete Pipeline Integrity Assessment and Pipeline Pigging Maintenance package to assist with regularly maintaining a pipeline.  Contact us today!  Click here to send us an email, or give us a call at (281) 401. 8142 / toll-free at (888) 973.007.


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