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Inline Services is an Innovative Pipeline Pig Solutions provider for industries including Oil and Gas, Water Treatment, Refining, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food, and Beverage.

We offer an extensive inventory of Pigging Equipment and Accessories, for general cleaning programs, batching, product recovery, and corrosion mitigation and prevention. Our pipeline pigs are suitable for all pipeline applications including multi diameter, bi-directional, long distance, and high-risk offshore pipelines. Inline also offers 1.5D capable Active Speed Control Pigs for high velocity pipeline cleaning, as well as a complete suite of Pig Tracking Equipment, available for sale or rent, including a variety of Auto Tracking options, Transmitters, Receivers, Sensors and Geophones.  Inline is also the exclusive U.S. distributor for the Apache pigPRO™Intrusive Pig Passage Indicator.

From manufacturing Pipeline Pigging Products to providing Pipeline Pig Intervention Products & Services, our goal is to exceed customer expectations of quality and standards in every pipeline pigging project we do. Call us today to discuss your next pipeline pigging cleaning or maintenance project!


Pipeline Pigging & Intervention Services

Inline Services is your leading provider of innovative pipeline solutions, including pipeline pigging and intervention services. Our experienced technicians and engineers are experts in the latest technology and techniques for ensuring efficient and effective pipeline cleaning, maintenance, product recovery, and corrosion control.

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What is Pipeline Pigging?

Pipeline pigging is the process of using a specialized device called a “pig” to clean, inspect, or maintain a pipeline. These pipeline pigs are inserted into the pipeline and propelled through by the flow of the product or by using external sources such as compressed air or liquid. Pipeline pigging is an essential part of routine maintenance for pipelines to prevent build-up of debris and corrosion, enhance efficiency and performance, and extend the life of the pipeline.

Types of Pipeline Pigs

Inline Services offers a wide range of pipeline pigs for various applications, including general cleaning, batching, product recovery, and corrosion mitigation. Our pigs are designed to be suitable for all pipeline sizes and configurations, including multi-diameter, bi-directional, long distance, and high-risk offshore pipelines.

Some of our popular pig types include:

  • Utility Pigs: These pipeline pigs are used for general pipeline cleaning and can remove debris, sediment, and other contaminants from the interior of the pipeline.
  • Batching Pigs: Batching pipeline pigs are designed to optimize product flow by moving products from one location to another. They are particularly useful in pipelines with multiple products or when switching between different types of products.
  • Product Recovery Pigs: These pigs are used to recover valuable products that may be left in the pipeline after a batch run. They can efficiently collect and transfer this product to a designated location for reuse or disposal.
  • Gel Pigs: Gel pigs are used for cleaning pipelines with complex bends, restrictions, or multi-diameter sections. The gel-like material allows the pig to easily navigate through tight spaces and remove debris without causing damage.
  • Corrosion Control Pigs: These pigs are designed with specialized coatings and materials to help prevent corrosion in pipelines. They can also be used for applying inhibitors or removing scale and buildup that contribute to corrosion.

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