From pharmaceuticals that treat diseases to plastics that improve quality of life, many products are manufactured by combining materials in semisolid or liquid states. Increasing demand, changing consumer preferences, and stringent hygiene requirements can push process manufacturers to the limit, however.

Inline Services helps you optimize liquid transfer capabilities with pigging and liquid product recovery equipment. They improve sanitation and production capacity while reducing downtime and waste.

How Does Pigging Help Process Manufacturing? 

Process manufacturing is a production method where products are created by combining supplies, ingredients, or raw materials using a formula or recipe. It’s frequently used in industries that produce bulk quantities of goods, such as:

  • Food And Beverage
  • Oil And Gas
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemicals
  • Plastics
  • Pulp And Paper
  • Ceramics
  • Rubber
  • Cannabis
  • Biotechnology

Process manufacturing relies on sequential steps, with the completion of an activity leading to the start of another one. Facilities often utilize a system of tubing to move media between processes.

Products left in tubing hinder production efficiency and harbor germs, which can taint future flowing media and foster bacteria growth. Capable of improving throughput and sanitation, pigging is an excellent way to optimize process manufacturing performance. The experts at Inline Services can develop a pigging solution to meet your needs.

Regardless of the type of wet product you manufacture, Inline Services can help. When using our pigging devices, you’ll recover significant amounts of product at the end of each run or batch rather than wasting it. Additionally, our pigging systems are fully hygienic and remove nearly all the product from within tubing.

Bring Pigging To Your Organization

With vast experience and a proven track record, Inline Services is your source for high-performance pigging and liquid product recovery solutions. We help you achieve unparalleled productivity, profit, and environmental sustainability gains.

Contact us to learn more about our process manufacturing pigging products. We’re ready to discuss your needs in greater detail.


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