Pipeline Pig Cleaning & Maintenance Services

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pipeline maintenance servicesIts not easy to look into 200 miles of pipe, to decide whether it is clean or not. Even if pigs have been run, are they doing their job?

  • Is the pig design correct?
  • How clean is the pipe?
  • Is the pig running at optimal cleaning speed
  • Should more than one pig be run?
  • How often should they be run?

If too many deposits are removed at once, the line may become blocked. It’s important that pigging operations are managed properly and as much data as possible assembled prior to undertaking a pig run.

Pipeline Planning

Equipment Design, Planning & Budgeting

Our consultants and technical employees work to ensure that pigging projects, including ILI runs, are cost effective and delivered on time.

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Integrity & Cleanliness

Pipeline Cleanliness Assessment

Here at Inline Services, we are able to assess, measure and record the complete pipeline environment and pig performance.

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Inline Speed Control Cleaning Tool

Intelligent Cleaning

Inline uniquely offers a complete range of services to complement the supply of cleaning pigs.

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Operational Support

Inline Services employs some of the industry’s leading professionals who are advanced in pigging design, program design and cleanliness assessment.

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