launcherPipeline Cleaning Applications

Pipeline cleanliness improves product quality, and operating efficiency and mitigates debris-inflicted damage to plants such as compressors. From the day the pipeline is constructed it will need cleaning with pigs to remove weld slag, hydro test water, and general construction debris such as welding rods. As pipelines ages, debris such as scale, wax, and other deposits will accumulate. Operational and product conditions that encourage corrosion can affect the useful life of the pipeline and affect system integrity.

Knowledge of what is in the pipe, the rate of debris deposition of debris, and where the problems originate, together with an understanding of the general pipeline design is invaluable for developing an effective cleaning & maintenance program. Major failures can be avoided with regular maintenance.

When it comes to pipeline applications, whatever is pumpable can also bring things to a halt. From unwanted debris buildup or a complete blockage, the best way to overcome pipeline flow issues is pigging. At Inline Services, we produce pigging and liquid product recovery equipment that boosts production capacity by improving flow rates while reducing downtime and waste. Here’s a breakdown of the different types of pigs and the pipeline applications they benefit.

Our Pigging Systems 

Inline Services is a leading manufacturer of pigging devices and product recovery systems for demanding applications. We deliver safe and effective custom solutions for your application from design and manufacture to implementation and upkeep.

Pigging Products

Pig Parts And Accessories

Equipment And Detection 

Product Recovery Systems

Inline Speed Control Cleaning Tool

Extreme Flow Pipeline Pigs

In large pipelines with ultra high velocities, operators are reluctant to reduce flows down for pigging, as this results in a reduction of revenue generating delivery. We have designed bypass pigs specifically for these circumstances which can react to changes in speed and automatically slow down or speed up.


New Pipeline Construction Cleaning

Inline Services manufactures pipeline pigs designed for new pipeline construction, cleaning and commissioning.

Pig Exiting Pipeline During Hydro Cleaning

Liquid Removal Pigging

Corrosion is inevitable within a pipeline, however taking a proactive approach to preventative maintenance can save you thousands, if not millions of dollars in repair, replacement, or environmental clean-up costs.

Black Powder removal

Black Powder Pipeline Prevention

Inline Services has designed pipeline pigs that aid in both the prevention and removal of black powder.

Pipeline Wax Removal Pigs

Crude oil and gas condensates contain varying amounts of wax or paraffin.

Pipeline Corrosion

Pipeline Corrosion Control Pigging

Inline provides a number of aggressive pigs for use in pipeline corrosion control, including brush designs to address pitting caused by bacterial corrosion.

pig manufacturing

Routine Pipeline Pigging Maintenance

Maintaining a routine pigging program will keep a pipeline in good condition, maintain optimal flow and reduce damage to plant and avoid eventual failures.

Pipeline ILI Pre Clean

We specialize in gathering intelligence about the internal condition of the pipeline and determining efficient maintenance programs.