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Intelligent pigs are used to inspect and collect a variety of data about the condition of a pipeline, this is called an In-Line Inspection or ILI.

Examples of the data collected during an ILI are:

  • Temperature
  • Pressure Differential over a pig
  • Pig Speed
  • Pig Location and location of intrusions and debris
  • Inertia of pig
  • Location and depth of damage, wall thickness variation etc
  • Debris location

A clean pipeline surface is needed in order to run an intelligent pig, and imperative to the integrity of the data collected.

Preparing for Intelligent Pigging – Pre Clean

Removing all debris and build-up from inside the pipeline walls will avoid inaccurate data or run failure – costing you time and money.  A variety of pipeline pigs designed to address different needs are often used to pre-clean a pipeline.  Running them through the pipeline multiple times can effectively clean and prepare the internal surface for intelligent pigging.

Making assumptions that the pipeline is clean, using the wrong type of pig, or not performing enough pre-cleaning pig runs, can be detrimental to the pigging program and lead to costly problems when running intelligent pigs. This is where the pipeline pigging experts at Inline can help.  We will review your historical pigging information and provide guidance to ensure optimal performance of your intelligent pigging program such as recommending the best type and most effective run frequency of each pig to ensure effective cleaning of the internal pipeline surface.

Inline Services specializes in gathering intelligence about the internal condition of the pipeline and determining the most effective ongoing pigging maintenance programs for any application.  Click here to send us an email, or give us a call at (281) 401. 8142 / toll-free at (888) 973.007 to see how we can assist you with your next pipeline pigging maintenance program.