Experiencing a lost or stuck pig in a pipeline is never easy. However, utilizing proper pig tracking and detection equipment can help greatly reduce the search area, therefore saving thousands of dollars of labor costs to locate the pig.

Inline offers an extensive selection of pipeline pig tracking and detection equipment including intrusive and non-intrusive pig detection systems, AGM’s (Above Ground Markers), transmitters, a high tech receiver unit, wireless geophone and Geophone Kits.  All pig tracking equipment can be rented or purchased.

Exclusive U.S. Distributor of The Apache pigPRO™

Inline Services is the exclusive U.S. distributor of the Apache pigPRO™, which is an intrusive style detector. There are several pigPRO™ models available, the most popular being Series 57.

Other Pipeline Pigging Equipment

We also offer Dust Bags to help contain debris during pigging operations, Dewatering Bags to help filter debris from pipeline water, and Pig Retrieval Combo Pole to assist in pulling and/or pushing the pig out of the line at the launching and receiving stations.

Not sure which equipment you need?  We can help!

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