Inline Services is a pipeline cleaning pig manufacturer. Our variety of pipeline pigging products includes pipeline pigs, pig parts & accessories, equipment & detection, and product recovery systems. All of our pigging products are used for a variety of applications from liquid removal to extreme pit cleaning, and everything in between. Inline also specializes in custom products in order to meet any job requirement.

Our in-house manufactured urethane products are made with MAXITHANE™, a proprietary mixture of  the highest quality of poly resins and curatives available. MAXITHANE is 100% guaranteed for superior performance in almost any application.

Every product we sell goes through quality control before they leave our facility to make sure our customers receive the highest quality cleaning pigs available.

Metal Bodied Mandrel Pigs

Pipeline Pigs

As a pipeline pig manufacturer, Inline Services provides a variety of pipeline cleaning pigs including steel mandrel pigs, urethane pigs, poly foam pigs, and special application pigs.

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