A Urethane That Can Take What A Pipeline Can Give

Next to providing exemplary customer service, manufacturing a quality product is Inline’s #1 objective. Through extensive experience manufacturing pipeline cleaning pigs using urethane we learned the hard way that mixing urethane is an art. Much like cooking and baking, using high quality ingredients makes a HUGE difference in the success of your recipe.

Inline Services has spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars researching and testing the highest quality poly resins and curative mixtures to develop a polyurethane mixture that is second to none, and we called it MAXITHANE.  Our MAXITHANE is 100% guaranteed for superior performance in almost any application.

What does this mean to you?  It means that you can feel confident that every single polyurethane pig you purchase from us is made of the highest quality materials. You may find more inexpensive solutions, but you will not find a higher quality material than Inline’s MAXITHANE .