Offshore platforms are hulking structures in at-sea environments used to extract crude oil and natural gas. Hydrocarbons pulled from deposits beneath the ocean floor may hinder pipeline performance over time by collecting on the walls.

Rig operators can ensure optimal fluid and gas flow rates with Inline Services, a leading manufacturer of pigging and liquid product recovery devices. Our equipment is custom-designed and used to recoup residual product, clean or inspect the inside of pipes and tubing, and improve efficiency.

The Offshore Operating Environment  

Hydrocarbons pulled from deposits beneath the ocean floor are waxy, which can hinder pipeline performance over time. There’s potential for the wax to crystallize and adhere to pipeline surfaces, forming a deposited layer that increases over time. Eventually, in the worst case, a pipeline can become completely blocked.

The key to successful offshore crude oil or natural gas extraction is ensuring pipelines stay free of obstructions. That’s where pigging comes into play.

Pigging Explained

Pigging is the practice of utilizing mechanical devices to perform pipeline or tubing maintenance operations, such as residual liquid recovery, obstruction removal, or surface cleaning. Pigs sweep the line by scraping piping surfaces and pushing debris ahead.Incorporating pigging into your offshore application is very beneficial. Here are some examples:

  • High Return On Investment, or ROI
  • Increased Yields
  • Reduced Waste
  • Less Production Downtime
  • Increased Rig Capacity
  • Faster Changeovers
  • Better Environmental Sustainability
  • Lower Water Consumption
  • Minimized Contamination Risks
  • Higher Productivity
  • Greater Efficiency

Custom Pipeline Pigging For Offshore Pipelines

No two pipelines are alike, especially when it comes to harsh offshore operating environments. Inline Services is a leading manufacturer of custom pigging devices and product recovery systems for challenging applications.

Our team of engineers can recommend the right equipment and pigging program to suit your offshore application. We assess the product, pipelines, and your goals.

Improve Flow Performance Today

With extensive knowledge and experience, Inline Services is the natural choice for pigging and liquid product recovery devices used on your offshore application. Whatever your requirements, we can develop a solution.

Contact us to learn more about pipeline pigging for offshore pipelines. We’re standing by to meet your needs.


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