What is a Steel Mandrel Pig?

A Steel body Mandrel Pig falls under the category of a Utility Pig. Utility pigs are used for sealing or cleaning.

Mandrel pigs consist of a steel mandrel pig body and a combination of pig parts including cups, discs and brushes.  Inline offers six styles of mandrel pigs: BD6, BD6-RB, BD6-BR, BA-2, ISTE, and the Pit Cleaning® pig, all designed with different configurations of pig parts to for different pipeline cleaning applications.

Steel mandrel pigs can also be configured with gauge plates for pipeline gauging.  Inline can configure a mandrel pig for gauging with gauge plates manufactured on-site. Gauge plates can also be purchased separately and most orders can be filled within 24hrs.

What are the benefits of using a Steel Mandrel Body Pig?

The steel body construction offers unmatched durability and the unique ability to reuse and redress the body with a variety of pig part combinations to best suit the application.  Mandrel pigs are also bi-directional and capable of traveling in either direction in the pipeline.

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What are the applications for a Steel Mandrel Body Pig?

Mandrel pigs are excellent choices for:

Are There Services Available to Dress Mandrel Pigs?

Absolutely! Inline offers pig dressing services on all our mandrel pigs.  Hiring experts like Inline Services can save your company thousands of dollars in time and labor costs.  We have all the right tools to redress a pig quickly and easily.  Click here to read more about why you should let the pigging experts at Inline Services redress your mandrel pigs.