Mandrel pigs are one of the most versatile pig styles available. In addition to their versatility and bi-directional ability, the body can be reused. The number of times a body can be reused depends on the condition of the body after a run.

Interestingly, the ability to reuse the shaft can be a double-edge sword.  The cost to redress a mandrel pig after each run can be high.  Larger, heavier pigs require special handling equipment and tools that can be expensive and time-consuming.

Outsourcing this task to a company who offers pig dressing services can save hundreds (even thousands) of dollars for the following reasons:

  1. Experts Expect The Unexpected. An experienced pig dressing company has the experience to tackle any assembly or disassembly scenario that may occur. Despite the best of efforts and intentions, S@#T Happens. A bolt could break off in the body, a brush assembly may break, or the bolt from one bumper nose may not fit on the new bumper nose.  Any these scenarios can create GIANT obstacles for the inexperienced or unprepared.  A pig manufacturer, however, has the experience, the extra parts on-hand and the proper tools to quickly and efficiently handle surprises.
  2. Big Pigs Require Big Equipment. 20” pigs and larger can weigh up to 2k lbs requiring special transportation equipment.  A pig manufacture can easily transport any size pig.  They have have the necessary equipment and staff to provide safe transportation to and from the job site, saving time and money.
  3.  Avoid Costly Shipping Damage.  Pig accessories can be damaged beyond repair when not prepared correctly for transport. The weight of a pig can tear cups and damage brushes if not elevated correctly using proper shipping materials.  Replacing damaged parts due to improper packaging during transport is not only a huge inconvenience, but it causes costly delays. Replacement parts must be ordered, then sent to the job site for installation.  It could take days or weeks to get the parts depending on the supplier, and coordinating staff for an unplanned trip back the job site can be a logistical nightmare. A company who specializes in pigging knows how to transport any pig, regardless of size or configuration, to insure it reaches the job site intact and ready-to-go.