new pipeline construction cleaningNewly constructed pipelines are pigged to remove construction debris such as welding rods, weld bead slag and mill scale, rust, as well as to remove hydrostatic water.  Inline Services manufactures pipeline pigs designed for new pipeline construction, cleaning and commissioning, in addition to manufacturing pigs used for drying pipelines in preparation for introduction of hydrocarbon products.

We understand that not all pre-inspection pipeline cleaning needs are the same, so we carry a variety of solutions catered to specific cleaning requirements including:

Swab Pig
Foam Swab Pig
Foam Disc Pig
Foam Disc Pig
Power Brush Pig
Wire Brush Pig
Gauging Pig
Gauging Pig
  • Low-Density Swab Pigs – dry pipelines and remove lite dust
  • Foam Disc Pigs – remove hydro-static water and debris
  • Wire Brush Pigs – achieves a high degree of pipeline cleanliness by removing  debris that could trap moisture
  • Gauging Pigs – confirms there are no restrictions in the pipeline for future running of cleaning and ILI pigs

If you need assistance in developing the right cleaning program for your new pipeline construction project, we are here to help! Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in selecting the right types of pigs for your specific project.

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