Our all NEW Pig Pole Combo is designed so you can push and pull pigs from using the same pole. The new design incorporates a hook on one end in order to make retrieving a pig from a line easy. It also includes a slide on push plate assembly that fits over the hook and secures with a “D” pin for assisting in the launching process. The pole is available in fiberglass pipe making it very safe for any type of environment. Each kit comes in a heat and weather resistant bag for easy transport and storage.

  • Safest Way to retrieve pigs from a pipeline
  • Manufactured from fiberglass
  • New design incorporate “Aircraft Grade” cable rated up to 1500 lbs. for pulling those large mandrel pigs
  • Optional handle makes handling the pigs even easier
  • Custom orders upon Request
  • Efficient launching and receiving process
  • Available in 8′ and 16′