Dramatically Reduce Costs with Pipeline Pig Tracking Equipment

Tracking the progress of a pig traveling through a pipeline is key to any comprehensive pipeline cleaning program. Using pig tracking equipment will significantly reduce the search area in the event a pig becomes stuck or lost in the line. A smaller search area equates to less than an hour spent locating the pig, which results in dramatic reduction in cost.

In coordination with COMTEL© Systems, Ltd, Inline Services provides state-of-the-art pig tracking equipment that will streamline your pipeline cleaning program.

Our extensive suite of pig tracking equipment includes a variety of Auto Tracking options through our AGM, AGM Pipeline Sentinel and AGM Sentinel units, as well as a wide-selection of  TX Transmitter sizes, a RX101 Receiver, and a Geophone.

Not Sure if You Should Buy or Rent.  We Can Help!

All tracking equipment is available for sale or rent, and we have options to suit every pigging program, regardless of complexity. Our pigging experts can help identify which equipment is right for you, and if buying or renting is your best option. Call us at 888.973.0079, live chat or click here to send us an email.