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Coordinated Pipeline Pigging Programs Can Prevent Corrosion

Corrosion is the most concerning problem affecting pipeline systems. Aging pipelines, improper pipeline maintenance programs, inadequate corrosion chemical programs, as well as inadequate or nonexistent pipeline pigging programs, have contributed to the increased evidence of corrosion in pipelines around the world.

State and Federal regulations have mandated that pipeline operators routinely perform inspection surveys on pipelines to determine wall loss locations. An aggressive pipeline pigging program coordinated with a corrosion inhibitor chemical treatment program is the most effective method of mitigating the advancement of pipeline corrosion. Corrosion inhibitor chemicals are most effective when applied to a clean surface.  This means that surface debris, water and any other materials must be removed from the pipeline wall before the chemicals are applied.  The most effective way to prepare a pipeline for chemical treatment is by using an  pipeline pig specifically designed for this task.  To ensure maximum effectiveness, operators must coordinate their chemical and pipeline pigging programs to control the rates of corrosion.

Pipeline Pigs for Corrosion Control Programs

Inline Services provides a number of pipeline pigs, such as the BD6-RB and BD6-BR that are ideal choices for pipeline corrosion control. These pigs can be configured with a variety of brushes designed to address specific corrosion issues present within the pipeline, and ensure that the internal pipeline surface is prepared for chemical application. Inline’s special Pit Cleaning®Pig includes special Pit Cleaning® brushes that remove corrosive bacteria by extending into any pitted areas in the pipeline wall, disrupting the bio film that protects the active bacterial cells, and allowing biocides to actively treat the corrosive bacteria.

We Can Help You With Pipeline Corrosion Prevention

The pipeline pigging experts  at Inline Services can assist you in determining which type of corrosion control pig is right for your pipeline corrosion prevention program.  Click here to send us an email, or give us a call at (281) 401. 8142 or toll free at (888) 973.007.


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