pipeline maintenance programIntelligent Cleaning of Pipelines

Pigging isn’t just an art. It is a combination of experience, appropriate technical design, knowledge of the pipeline, meticulous planning, and management.

To keep a pipe clean will require regular maintenance, therefore, a pigging program will need to be designed.

As an intelligent pig manufacturer and service provider, Inline uniquely offers a complete range of pipeline cleaning services to complement the supply of cleaning pigs.

Every pipeline and product it carries is different. Combinations of pipe size & age, product, velocity, temperature and endless other variables all give rise to a unique set of circumstances. To put together a cleaning plan or long-term maintenance program, knowledge of the design and operational information including any historical data for pigging is essential. By carrying out further analysis of the pipeline, by running pigs with onboard electronics, the line can be cleaned and at the same time, a complete evaluation of the condition and results recorded. This information is extremely important to have prior to running Intelligent Pigs.

To maintain the pipe in good condition an ongoing maintenance program can be implemented.