pipeline pig innovationINNOVATION

Inline has developed many new products for specific applications. Recent innovations include our Cutter Disc and trademarked Pit Cleaning™ Pig. While we have most applications covered, Inline’s team of technical and sales personnel are always working to create new innovative products that will better enhance your cleaning runs.


pipeline pigging qualityQUALITY

Our pipeline cleaning pigs are made to get the job done. Inline’s urethane pigs are made with MAXITHANE™, our proprietary mixture of the highest quality poly resins and curatives able to withhold in some of the worst environments. At Inline, every product goes through an extensive quality control check to ensure it meets the requirements of our customers.


pig manufacturing deliveryFAST DELIVERY

We carry a large inventory to enable next day delivery of many products. Our logistics team is capable of turning orders around quickly making sure our customers are receiving the right product at the right time. At Inline we have a sense of urgency when it comes to shipping because this part of the purchasing process is what gets our product out the door and to our customers.

pigging service


Our team is dedicated to serving you. Hopefully, you will always find us friendly and knowledgeable. Inline employees are dedicated to working toward the vision of Inline on a daily basis.


value moneyVALUE

At Inline we value our employees and our customers. The are what makes our business successful. Budgets are a fact of life and we always endeavor to be competitive.