Inline’s Product Recovery Systems are designed to provide the most effective product recovery results, potentially saving thousands of dollars in waste.  Below is a collection of Product Recovery videos, datasheets and brochures to help you better understand our selection of Product Recovery Pigs and Systems.  We offer an extensive selection of both industrial and sanitary pig options,  the VIPRS® and SUD® Pigs, available in heat and chemical resistant, as well as chemical and food grade materials.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the Inline Team if you have any questions or need guidance on which type, size or material is best for your particular system.

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When a single pipeline is used for many products (e.g. different flavored yogurt), a cleaning cycle has to take place between each product or the interface is sent to waste.  The Inline Services VIPRS Pigging System is designed to run between products and fully evacuate the first product to avoid contamination with the next product run through the line. Multiple VIPRS pigs can be run continuously to separate a number of products therefore fully utilizing a single pipe section.  Wastage of the contaminated interface would be avoided or entire CIP cycles eliminated, thereby saving cleaning fluid and reducing the amount of effluent