As a pipeline pig manufacturer, Inline Services provides a variety of pipeline cleaning pigs. Each series of pig is composed of different materials and parts and is used to clean a line based on the job requirements and applications that seem to be effecting the pipe.

Our steel mandrel pipeline cleaning pigs consist of six standard styles. Each style pig has the same mandrel body, just assembled with different pig parts. The urethane series consists of four standard styles. Each pipeline foam pig is manufactured as a single piece construction, and is capable of having wrap brushes assembled onto the body. The poly foam pigs consist of six different styles each having a unique design. Our poly foam pigs are great for liquid applications, wiping, and drying. We also offer pipeline spheres which can be made solid or inflatable and are mainly used for separation of product. In addition to our standard pipeline cleaning pigs, Inline offers custom built pigs for special applications, such as our high velocity Speed Control Pig.