Inline Offers Pipeline Cleaning Pigs for Every Application, Program & Budget

Inline Services designs and manufactures a variety of pipeline cleaning pigs including:

    • Steel Mandrel Pigs: Available in 6 standard configurations, using the same steel body, with unique accessories and part configurations designed for a specific applications.
    • Poly Foam Pigs: Inline’s large selection of poly foam pigs are manufactured using the highest quality open cell polyurethane foam in many styles and densities for a variety of applications.
    • Pipeline Spheres: Available in poly foam or urethane, solid or inflatable styles.
    • Urethane Pigs: Our Uni Series cast urethane pigs includes 4 standard solid-cast styles manufactured with our MAXITHANE™ urethane mixture.
    • Custom Pig Configurations: Inline’s experienced team of pigging experts can design a pig and pipeline pigging program specific to your project needs.
    • Speed Control Cleaning Pigs: Our new fleet of 1.5D capable Speed Control Cleaning Pig cleans high velocity pipelines without costly interruptions in flow.
    • Valve Pigs: Inline Services manufactures pig valve pigs from open-cell polyurethane foam and cast urethane in many sizes and shapes.

Not sure which type of pipeline cleaning pig is best for your project?  We can help!

Call us at 888.973.0079, live chat or click here to send us an email.  One of our pigging experts will work with you to select the best pig option, or help to create a customized solution that will achieve your pigging program goals.