Our pig valve pigs are intended for use with a variety of pig launching and receiving valves, which enable operators to introduce and retrieve pipeline cleaning and maintenance pigs without impacting productivity. Manufactured from high-quality materials in many configurations, they’re perfect for pipeline applications where pig valves are present.

valve pipeline pigVersatile Pig-Valve Pig Solutions

Inline Services manufactures pig valve pigs from open-cell polyurethane foam and cast urethane in many sizes and shapes. As a result, they’re suitable for liquid removal, drying, sweeping, general cleaning in oil & gas industries.

  • Petroleum Distribution
  • Refining & Chemicals
  • Batching

Our pig valve pigs are specially designed to be fully compatible with pig valves from the industry’s most trusted manufacturers, including Argus and Meridian. They’re also well-matched for use with JAG-style valves.

Leading Pigging Solutions

Integrating valve pigs from Inline Services into your process is a cost-effective and convenient performance enhancement solution. We leverage innovative engineering, advanced materials, and the utmost quality to produce pig valve pigs that ensure safe and continuous operation at the highest possible throughput.

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