Inline’s Geophone Kit gives you the convenience of having everything you need to track a pig in one convenient kit.  The kit includes:

  • Geoamp XT Geophone
  • Spike Probe
  • 50’ Cable
  • 6′ Sterio audio cable for vehicle audio hook-up
  • Noise Reducing Headphones
  • Shock resistant Carry Case

All of the above comes packaged in a heavy duty carry case that is appropriate for industrial use.

The geophone allows a listener to hear extremely low sounds from great distances using the high-tech ground probe.  The probe will amplify the sound from an approaching pig from miles away in order to help indicate where exactly the pig is striking the pipeline welds.


  • Super Sensitive Geophone: allows adjustable gain and excellent noise reduction and filtering. Can be used with headphones or plugged into vehicle radio/amplifier input for full speaker output.
  • Portable & Long Life Capability: with 4 AAA-cell operation allows over 6 months of continuous operation. The Geophone back plate can be simply pulled to allow quick change-out of batteries.
  • High Impact Protection Carry Case: to carry complete Geoamp set with geo probe and 50’ cable, headphones and 6‘ vehicle cable.
  • Extensive Field Testing: to ensure optimization of incorporated technology and exceptional operational performance.

  • 6 months continuous operation
  • Operational Temperature = -15 degrees C to +30 degrees C (-5 deg. F to +86
    deg. F)
  • Operational Voltage = 6.0 Volts: 4 AAA Cell Alkaline batteries
  • Dimentions = 5.90″ Width x 2.2″ Length x 1.0″ Height
  • Weight = 7 oz. (batteries included)