Inline’s Geoamp XT Geophone,  built with COMTEL® technology, is a lightweight and portable (5.75 X 2.25 X 1.0 in) Geophone and the perfect accessory to an existing tracker’s tool kit. Small enough to fit into a shirt pocket, it has exceptional performance with very high gain and low noise operation, along with immunity to power line and radio frequency interference.

Despite the high signal sensitivity, the Geoamp XT has the capability to reject objectionable interfering sounds sources such a:

  • Power Lines
  • Telephone Lines
  • Two-Way Radio Traffic
  • Wind Noise
  • Traffic Noise
  • Industrial Plant Noise

The unit can be used with headphones, or plugged into a vehicle radio/amplifier input for full speaker output.

The Geoamp XT Geophone is also available in a Kit.  Click here for more information about the Geophone Kit.

All Inline tracking equipment, including the Geoamp XT Geophone is available for sale or rent.


  • 6 months continuous operation
  • Operational Temperature = -15 degrees C to +30 degrees C (-5 deg. F to +86
    deg. F)
  • Operational Voltage = 6.0 Volts: 4 AAA Cell Alkaline batteries
  • Dimentions = 5.90″ Width x 2.2″ Length x 1.0″ Height
  • Weight = 7 oz. (batteries included)

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