Inline Model MPS-2, Magnetic Pig Signalers are designed to detect a magnet molded into an Inline process pig, such as the VIPRS® and SUD® pigs .  The detectors are designed with two separate single-axis integrated Hall Effect magnetic sensors, each with an added ferromagnetic layer. The ferromagnetic layer acts as a magnetic flux concentrator, providing very high magnetic sensitivity.  Each sensor assembly consists of two sensors, a signal conditioning control circuit, an LED indicator, and a solid state output relay contact all encapsulated in a rugged, aluminum housing.

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  • Detects embedded magnets in Inline Process pig
  • Two separate Hall Effect magnet sensors
  • Detects pigs in both parked & moving positions
  • Suitable for use in both carbon and stainless steel applications
  • Signal conditioning control circuit
  • Easy-to-read LED indicator
  • Solid state output relay
  • Low, Medium and High sensitivity settings
  • Rugged, internally-potted aluminum housing
  • Available in explosion-proof housing for hazardous areas

  • Electrical Classification – Waterproof/Non-Hazardous
  • Field Wiring – 4 conductor; max 10 ohms single conductor
  • Input Voltage – 9 to 32 VDC
  • Power Consumption – 50 mA (0.6 watts @ 12VDC)
  • Output – 1 (FormA) contact, 200 volts (AC/DC), 250 mA
  • Size – 1-13/32″w X 2-7/32″l X 17/32″

Download the MPS-2 Sensor Data Sheet

Download the MPS-2 Installation & User Guide