MULTI-CAST™ Urethane Shaft Pig

>>>MULTI-CAST™ Urethane Shaft Pig

MULTI-CAST™ Urethane Shaft Pig

Manufactured from MAXITHANE™,  Inline’s high performance polyurethane, the MULTI-CAST™ Pig is available in a comprehensive range of sizes and configurations. Mix or match components to meet requirements. Select only the parts needed for a single or use interchangeable components to reconfigure the MULTI-CAST pig for a variety of uses. One man working alone can assemble/reconfigure all but the largest units with a hammer in just a few minutes.

The urethane shaft and rear flange are molded in one piece. All cleaning cups, discs, magnets brushes and other accessories stack in front so friction and head pressure force them back onto the shaft. Even if the retaining nut were left off, the MULTI-CAST won’t come apart. The center post is designed with rigid, hollow urethane reducing the weight of the assembled system by up to 35%. The Multi-Cast flexes and cleans better than a steel-shaft system because its weight will not deform the cups away from the top of the pipe. The line is cleaned evenly and components last longer as a result of even wear. The hollow urethane shaft flexes more than steel to make tighter turns and bends with less risk of sticking.


  • Can be configured in many different ways
  • Re-usable shaft
  • One man can easily assemble/reconfigure in minutes

  • Cups
  • Wrap brushes
  • Magnets
  • Discs

Download the Multi-Cast Pig Datasheet