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What is Operator Qualification?

The Operator Qualification rule was adopted into the Code of Federal Regulations in  approximately 2002.  The rule requires pipeline operators to develop a OQ program, follow their written OQ plan, establish a task list applicable to their system, and define the training and qualification requirements for personnel performing tasks on their pipeline facility.  It is the operator’s responsibility to ensure their contractors and vendors comply with their program requirements.

The rule is updated periodically and it is the operator’s responsibility to update their OQ plan accordingly to meet the specifications of the requirements.

What is  AOC Operator Training?

Operator training for AOC or Abnormal Operating Conditions is training for the identification of pipeline or component malfunction that requires deviation from normal operating  procedures.

How Can Inline Services Assist With Operator Training & Qualification Services?

Inline Services can develop a customized operator qualification and training program based around your company’s standard operation procedures and equipment to ensure your company is compliant with Federal Regulations.

Operator Training & Qualification Services

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