The Inline Speed Control Pig (SCP) safely and effectively cleans 30” to 56” high velocity pipelines through active speed control technology, maintaining operator-specified speed without a reduction in flow. Redundant odometers provide accurate real-time speed and distance measurement, while advanced sensor technology records differential and pipeline pressure, temperature, orientation, and product bypass percentage. The SCP also includes a 22HZ transmitter for tracking capabilities.
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The Speed Control Pig sensors monitor changes in operating conditions and gather useful data points such as:
  • Speed of Tool – up to three odometer data sets
  • Time
  • Distance traveled
  • Inertial data (Impact/Rotation/Pitch/Roll/Yaw/Vibration)
  • Pipeline Pressure
  • Pressure Differential
  • Temperature
  • Vane Opening
  • Gas flow velocity (derived from data)
  • Definition of low spots (derived from data)
  • Battery usage
The ability to collect this data will allow you to  focus inspection resources where they are needed most and maximizing on other benefits such as:
  • Reduced Fuel Costs - a clean pipeline delivers natural gas more efficiently
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction with higher quality gas delivered
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs such as filter replacements
  • Proactive Contaminant & Debris Removal to minimize the breeding ground for corrosion
Inline Services has designed and manufactured the Speed Control Pig with the highest quality components available to withstand and perform within the harsh pipeline environment.
  • Designed to clean high velocity pipelines without costly interruptions in flow
  • Pig speed is reduced to a specified, safe and efficient rate
  • Variable bypass suspends debris and contaminants in turbulent flow ahead of pig and delivers to the receiver.
  • Reduced velocity prevents hydroplaning over liquids and debris
  • Onboard electronics record pipeline data including differential and pipeline pressure, temperature, orientation, and bypass percentage.
  • Provides towing capability for ILI tools lacking speed control.
  • Versatile body design allows for onsite re-