Inline Services Provides Free Planet Fitness Memberships to All Employees

Over the past several years a focus on employee health and wellness has emerged as an integral part of company culture across the country.  Since company culture has been at the forefront of Inline’s business plan in 2018, our management team wanted to find a way to make regular exercise more accessible for all employees. Many of the staff were already members of the Planet Fitness here in Tomball, and going to the gym before work, after work, or during lunch, so partnering with Planet Fitness to setup company sponsored memberships made perfect sense.

“Healthy employees are happier and more productive.  Happier employees makes for happier customers. I can think of nothing more valuable to invest in, than the health of our team…” said Gary Smith, Inline President.

Naturally, everyone was excited about this great new company benefit.  Planet Fitness made the process painless, and hooked everyone up with free T-shirts.

Inline’s team is comprised of seasoned fitness gu-ru’s, mixed martial arts enthusiasts, people who are maintaining fitness, people who want to lose weight and people who just want to be more active.  The one thing we all have in common is that we understand the value this opportunity brings to all of us.  We don’t claim to be the pioneers of this idea, but hopefully more and more companies will see the benefits of making it easier for their teams to be healthy.

Let’s get fit people!!

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Picture of tiny pigs working out.