Have you ever wondered why Inline’s pigs come in all sorts of bright and cheery primary colors?  You might be surprised to know that pig color indicates three different characteristics of the urethane used to make the pig:

  1. Hardness, or Duormeter
  2. Chemical Resistance
  3. Food Grade Urethane

Inline employed the color coding method to simplify the internal and external identification process of the pigs to streamline manufacturing, inventory control and, most importantly, to make it easier on our customers when ordering.

Here is the key to what our pig colors mean:

  • Yellow is for 80 Durometer
  • Red is for 70 Durometer
  • Black is for 68 Durometer
  • Gray is for 65 Durometer
  • Blue is for 60 Durometer
  • Green and Clear (no pigment) have both been used for Chemical Resistant Urethane.
  • White is used for Food Grade Urethane. Food Grade Urethane is only available in White, regardless of durometer.

Pig color can also be used to distinguish between pigs for a specific thickness of pipe. For instance, a gray color pig would be used for Schedule 40 thickness pipe and red would be used for Schedule 10 thickness pipe.  In this case, both would be 65 durometer urethanes.

It’s important to remember that this use of color coding is specific to Inline’s products.

Inline manufactures over 200 different types of pipeline pigs for every application imaginable and specialize in custom products to meet any job requirement.  Contact us and let one of our industry experts help you identify the right product for the job.  Toll Free: 888.973.0079 / Local: 281.401.8142