We’ve come a long way baby, and this is only the beginning! – continued

Inline’s very own Sales Manager, Jessica Nichols, becomes the new President of PPSA in February.  This is a big deal for a couple of reasons:

  • She is our Sales Manager
  • She is the First Female President of PPSA

Jessica didn’t just land in either of her positions by accident.  She’s a forward-thinking industry professional who consistently offers innovative ideas to both the company she works for, AND PPSA.

Parts of this interview with Jessica discussing her views on the past, present and future of the pigging industry was published in the February PPSA Newsletter.  Due to its length, PPSA was not able to publish the entire interview. We didn’t want you to miss anything, so we’ve captured the missing questions below.  Please enjoy!

Q: How has your involvement with PPSA impacted your personal and professional development?

A:  Entering an industry dominated by deep rooted relationships and history, as a young woman at the very beginning stages of learning about what I was selling and who I was selling to, PPSA provided me with the opportunity to learn and develop relationships with industry experts.  As I learned and became more involved in the organization, I evolved into a solutions-provider for my existing and prospective customers and not just another salesperson selling pigs.

Q: How do you feel social media has impacted the industry?

A: Tremendously!  In fact, my opinions about the industry embracing the use of social media and the internet as ways to better serve customers was one of the reasons I’m PPSA President.   The industry wasn’t quick to see the ways the internet and social media could be used to enhance the customer experience.  Using Inline as an example, three years ago we put a major focus redesigning our website to make it easier for customers to find the information they need, and communicate with us on any device.  Since 2018 we’ve increased our social media presence and found that customers appreciate being able to communicate with us via social media. These improvements were all about making Inline more accessible and responsive to our customers needs.  I believe the impact of these changes speak for themselves by the continued success of our business.

Q: As the first female President of PPSA, how do you hope to influence the industry?

A: As the first FEMALE President, I hope the message I convey is that the sky is the limit, and anyone, regardless of gender, who is passionate about contributing to the betterment of the industry, can become an Influencer.  The other message I hope to convey is that the industry is evolving and there is room for growth and advancement on an individual level, and an industry level.  A great example of this is the innovation of intelligent pigging and high velocity pipeline pigging technologies creating opportunities for Technology Professionals, Software Developers and Engineers that the industry has never seen before.

You can check-out the rest of the interview in the PPSA February Newsletter.

Jessica Nichols, Sales Manager

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