Inline Services announces the introduction of the new MULTI-CAST ™Pig. This innovative new pig design offers a urethane shaft providing both durability and flexibility for passing through pipeline elbows, as well as the advantage of configuring the pig with any combination of accessories such as cups, disc’s, magnets and brushes.  The urethane shaft is threaded and uses a large nut to hold the accessories in place.  After a run, accessories can be replaced in any combination.

This designs unique ability to include brushes makes it effective for removing mill scale, black powder and other hard to remove scale. The reusable urethane shaft flexes and cleans better while offering customization options and efficiency not available from traditional steel mandrel or solid cast urethane pigs.

This is another example of Inline being at the forefront of pig design, thanks to our clients feedback and the innovative spirit of our talented staff”, says Inline President, Gary Smith.  “Our customers appreciate our ability to find effective solutions to their challenges and we look forward to offering this level of cost effective flexibility, in a design that can tackle almost any pipeline cleaning challenge you can think of.

MULTI-CAST Sample Configurations:

Established in 1992, Inline Services manufactures a wide-variety of pipeline cleaning pigs for industries such as oil & gas, food and beverage processing, water treatment world-wide from our manufacturing facility in Tomball, Texas.  Inline employs a team of industry profe