Inline Services manufactures aluminum gauge plates on-site, in all sizes and thicknesses, to meet specifications for any requirement.  In most cases, we can fulfill a gauge plate order within 24hrs. Gauge plates are used in the pipeline gauging process to check for any anomalies inside the line such as dents, debris or other internal restrictions that affect the I.D. of the pipeline.  The plate is sized proportionately to the minimum internal diameter of the pipeline, then added the appropriate style of pig, such as Steel Mandrel BA-2 Series or MULTI-CAST™ depending on the application. Slots can be cut into the plate to allow for better operation in the damaged area. Guide discs, seal discs and cups can be added to a gauging pig, as well as transmitters and magnets for pig tracking purposes. There are many considerations when selecting the most effective pig design for a pipeline gauging project. Our pigging experts can help you determine the best equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Live chat, email or call us today at 888.973.0079!  
  • Slotted or Unslotted
Download the Gauge Plate Datasheet