Handling Rope

>Handling Rope
  • The Hand-Launch Pig is an easy to use, single piece, bi-directional construction pig. This product is manufactured from flexible polyurethane foam and molded with circular grooves made from a blended elastomer coating which allows for the pig to handle long-wear applications and helps to prevent the pig from damaging the pipeline. The grooves throughout the body act as the pigs scraping element making it very beneficial and applicable for multiple cleaning jobs. The Hand-Launch™ Pig is also available with optional transmitter cavities.  
    • Sizes 3" x 2" to 40" x 34"
    • Single piece construction
    • Multiple discs for superior wiping
    • Handling Rope
    • Available in medium and heavy density
    • Transmitter housing
    Download the Hand- Launch Datasheet
    *The Hand-Launch Pig is a registered trademark of Knapp Polly Pig, Inc.
  • The Foam Disc Pig is one of the most efficient liquid removal pigs available. The polyurethane foam body is molded with circular grooves across its body to provide a series of wiping edges. These grooves are coated with a polyurethane elastomer, which improve the wiping action and increase its wear resistance. Because of its unique multiple disc design, by-pass is minimal.  
    foam liquid removal pig  


    SIZEWEIGHT (lbs)A (LENGTH) (in.)B (O.D.) (in.)PART NO.
    • Sizes 2" - 60"
    • Multiple disc design
    • Single piece construction
    • Handling Rope
    • 1.5x and 2x extended lengths
    • 5LB and 8LB density
    • Transmitter housing
    Download the Foam Disc Pig Datasheet
  • The Criss Cross and Criss Cross Wire Brush pigs are made up of a foam body coated with urethane in a criss cross pattern. This pig has great wiping action. Spiral wire brushes can be wound around the pig for scraping purposes. Standard Criss Cross pigs come with a bullet nose and a dished end; however, double dished ends are an option.  
    • Sizes 2" - 60"
    • Standard with bullet nose and dished end
    Download the Foam Pig Datasheet
  • The Swab pigs are manufactured using open cell polyurethane foam. These pigs are used for proving, sweeping and drying lines. The flexible nature of these pigs makes their bend radius greater than other poly foam pigs. One of the ends is coated with Inline’s MAXITHANE™, our custom blend of polyurethane.  
    • Sizes 2" - 60"
    • Coated on one end
    Download the Foam Pig Datasheet
  • This bullet shaped foam pig is used for drying and wiping pipelines. The body is manufactured using flexible polyurethane foam and coated with Inline’s MAXITHANE™, our custom blend of polyurethane, on the dished base.  
    • Sizes 2" - 60"
    • Standard comes with bullet nose and dished ends
    Download the Foam Pig Datasheet