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Pipeline Corrosion Control Pigging

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pipeline corrosion control piggingCorrosion is the most concerning problem affecting pipeline systems. Aging pipelines, improper maintenance programs – including both inadequate corrosion chemical programs as well as pigging programs, have contributed to the increased evidence of corrosion. Recent pipeline failures followed by State and Federal regulations have mandated that pipeline operators routinely perform inspection surveys to determine wall loss locations. An aggressive pigging program coordinated with a corrosion chemical treatment program must be looked at as an integral approach to mitigating the advancement of corrosion. Chemicals alone will not work because they must be applied to a clean surface to be the most effective. Pigging alone will reduce corrosion by removing elements, such as water, surface debris and other materials that impede the effectiveness of chemicals. However, for maximum effectiveness, operators must coordinate their chemical and pigging programs to control the rates of corrosion.

Inline provides a number of aggressive pigs for use in pipeline corrosion control, including brush designs to address pitting caused by bacterial corrosion. Standard brushes will be effective in preparing the pipe surface for corrosion inhibitors however, we have developed special Pit Cleaning Brushes that extend into the pits, disrupting the biofilm that protects the active bacterial cells, allowing biocides to actively treat the corrosive bacteria.