Featured in the PPSA Newsletter

Inline Services is well known for their customized pigging products, large inventory, quality, and customer service. The company has again expanded its facility another 7,500 square feet in order to increase inventory capacity and take their business to the next level on design production.

Their core focus is the development of the most efficient cleaning pigs to reduce the operator’s cost in controlling the integrity of their pipeline systems. Inline’s key focus is still concentration on corrosion control by offering pigs with special brushes and discs.

Inline has expanded their use of pencil brushes and cutter discs for debris control and pit cleaning. The cutter discs offer angled edges to scrape off wax, black powder and other debris.

Inline’s primary product continues to be the Foam Disc Pig, one of the most efficient liquid removal and separation pigs available in the market today. It is uniquely designed, making it stand out from the rest. The Foam Disc Pig is molded with circular grooves across the body to provide a series of wiping edges. These grooves are coated with a polyurethane elastomer, which improves the wiping action and increases its wear resistance. This pig is manufactured as a single body construction, and is available in medium or high density foam as well as extended body lengths. Pigging options available are pull ropes, cables, gauging plates and transmitter cavities.

The use of tracking equipment is also an important factor to pipeline pigging and has been a recent area of growth for Inline.

The continued design and production of customized pigs sets Inline apart from competitors.

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