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Inline Services Successfully Launches New 1.5D Capable Speed Control Pig (SCP)

June 1, 2019 | 8:00 AM CDT High velocity natural gas pipelines pose a unique challenge in terms of effective cleaning for corrosion mitigation purposes or pre ILI runs.   Studies [...]

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Inline Announces Launch of Custom Urethane Division

Inline Services announces the launch of its new Custom Urethane Products division.  This new division is exclusively dedicated to the design and manufacture of urethane products for industries including Agriculture, Automotive, Construction, Marine, Mining, [...]

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Our Speed Control Pig Featured in the PPSA Newsletter

This month our Speed Control Pig (SCP) was featured in the PPSA Newsletter. The SCP cleaning tool is our most aggressive smart cleaning tool that can effectively clean while optimizing gas transportation revenue for the [...]

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