Inline Services now has new Tracking Equipment which consists of different sized TX Transmitters, a RX101 Receiver, and a Geophone. The use of these devices will help to greatly reduce the search area in the event a pig becomes stuck or lost in the line. All Tracking Equipment is available for Sale or Rent.


pig transmittersTX Transmitters

Inline’s TX Transmitters are available in both standard and coded frequencies. They come in numerous standard types, but can be custom made to meet specific job requirements. Each transmitter is made durable and reliable for a long life. The TX Transmitters generate electromagnetic fields at a very low frequency (between 15 and 30 Hz) sending audio and visual notification, through the antenna to the receiver, when a signal is picked up. The inside of the transmitter is available with either a lithium or alkaline battery enabling the device to be self-sufficient. Temperature ranges are based on the battery type. Alkaline batteries are rated at -4 to +130 F (-20 C to +54C) and Lithium batteries are rated at -40F to +140F.

Model No.Size Battery Life 
Length (in)Diameter (in)PulsedContinuous

Download the Transmitter Datasheet

pig tracking equipmentRX101 Receiver

The RX101 Receiver is a high tech unit that is used to detect the distinctive pulsing patterns of passing pigs. Both analog and digital displays allow signal strengths to be viewed in all light conditions. The adjustable gain with bright bar display and coded signals A, B, C help indicate the precise location of the transmitter. The new unit also comes with a built-in geophone to detect approaching and departing pigs. A durable, shock resistant pelican case provides storage for all of the RX101 Receiver equipment. The accessories in the case include an external wand antenna, 50’ antenna extension cable, 2-6’ antenna cable, 50’cable with a spike probe, 6’audio cable for vehicle hook up, and a pair of highly efficient noise reducing headphones.

Download the Receiver Datasheet

pig locating equipmentGeoamp XT Geophone

The Geoamp XT Geophone is a high performance unit that allows sounds coming from a pig to be heard from great distances. It has a high gain and low noise operation. The Geoamp XT is compact and light weight making it easy to use. The dimensions of the unit are 5.75 x 2.25 x 1.0 inches. The Geophone kit comes in a rugged carrying case that contains a spike probe, a 50’ cable, and a pair of highly efficient noise reducing headphones. The probe can either be stuck into the ground or put into contact with the pipeline.

Download the Geophone Datasheet