Building materials being delivered at Inline Services.

Delivery drivers working hard delivering beams for our new 15k sq ft pig manufacturing facility.

After countless delays (Thank you, Hurricane Harvey), construction on our new manufacturing facility has finally begun! Although the foundation isn’t poured yet, we received a shipment of beams and roof materials. The slab is being poured within the next couple of weeks and we look forward to completion of the project before the end of the year.

Inline’s new 15,000 sq ft manufacturing facility will be the new home for more manufacturing equipment, allowing us to increase pig production and fulfill orders more quickly than ever before.  In addition, we’ll have more capacity to expand our new custom urethane product development services.

Building materials for new manufacturing facility.

Stacking-up all the materials to build our new space; beams, walls, roof, etc.

Lots of exciting growth happening at Inline Services!  Stay tuned for updates on our new facility!

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