Inline Services is the exclusive U. S. distributor of the IK® Online Electronics 4003D MAGSIG® Magnetic Non-Intrusive Pig Signaller.  This compact signaller detects magnetic pigs in any pipeline medium, removing any uncertainty over pig passage allowing operations to continue on schedule. Minimal set up is required ensuring that time is not wasted setting up various parameters.

Events are signalled as they occur via a OLED display and high brightness LEDs positioned around the perimeter of the display. The unit logs the time and date of up to 100 events. Logged events can be viewed locally via the display. Events can be transmitted to your SCADA via contact closure or 4-20ma. Two way communication can be made to read event data or make unit changes via RS485 MODBUS protocol or on your handheld Android device via Bluetooth with an Online App. Remove site configurations are available via LEO Satellite communication.

Available languages of operation include English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.


  • UL / CSA Class 1 Division 1 certified non-intrusive magnetic signaller for use on onshore pipelines in addition to offshore platforms and FPSOs.
  • Approval for Canadian and UL specifications hazardous area specifications
  • Quick and easy installation using ratchet straps or steel banding
  • Versatile – can be installed on any pipeline up to 60” diameter with wall thickness up to 50mm, carrying any medium and with pigs running at varying speeds
  • Details of pig passage events can be signalled remotely via operator’s SCADA system
  • No location restrictions – can be located on major barrel and magnetic sensor can be supplied on a cable up to 10m long for use with buried pipelines or where access is limited.
  • Temperature range can be extended after consultation with Online.

Power Options:• 4x Alkaline 1.5V 18Ah D cells
(1 yr battery life)
• 2x Lithium Thionyl Chloride 3.6V 17Ah D cells
(1 yr battery life)
• External supply - +21.6VDC to +26.4VDC, <1.0W
Temperature Range:• Using External supply -50°C to +85°C
(-58°F to +185°F)
• Alkaline cells installed -20°C to +54°C
(-4°F to+130°F)
• Lithium cells installed -40°C to +85°
(-40°F to +185°F)
Entries:3x ¾” NPT
Weight in Aluminum:11.5 lbs. (5.2 kg.)
Weight in Stainless Steel:24.3 lbs. (11 kg.)