Inline Services Inc. was established in Houston, Texas in 1994 to offer pigging equipment and associated technical services…

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From designing and manufacturing custom pipeline cleaning equipment to writing maintenance programs and managing onsite operations…

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We work with major pipeline operators and contractors during construction, commissioning, maintenance and provided vital information for ILI inspections…

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Pipeline Cleaning and Maintenance Products

At Inline Services we don’t just supply products. Quite simply – we provide exceptional service

The team at Inline is highly knowledgeable in the management of pigging and pipeline maintenance applications including regular cleaning programs, corrosion problems including pitting and scaling and removal of troublesome deposits such as black powder, liquids and waxes. We have developed tools for multi diameters and long distances as well as pipelines with extreme flow or high risk applications in offshore lines.

We maintain a comprehensive inventory of pigging equipment which our logistics experts will aim to deliver quickly and efficiently to your door, keeping you informed of progress along the way. We also carry a comprehensive fleet of equipment for hire including pig detectors, tracking equipment and innovative electronic pigs with onboard intelligence.

Knowledge gained over many years working in the field and in manufacturing means that we can specify the right product for the job. We always endeavor to recognize the needs and exceed the expectations of our customers.

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